East Detroit students near end of attendance challenge, push forward


This article was originally produced by Get Schooled

While celebrity wake-up calls might be responsible for getting East Detroit High School students and teachers out of bed on school days, it’s the Metro Detroit Attendance Challenge that has them fanning the flames of competition.

“The kids are really into this challenge,” said Stephanie VanHaerents. “This has been a nice way to bring everyone together and create a stronger sense of school spirit.”

To keep the student body engaged in the challenge, school administrators nominated students to serve as Get Schooled Ambassadors. Fifty students showed up at a meeting to find out more information, staying actively engaged in promoting the challenge to their friends and peers. The 50 students represent different social circles, sports, clubs and activities across the entire student body. Their leadership has been a big driver of East Detroit’s participation in the attendance challenge.

As a top performer in the challenge, East Detroit students maxed out their points for teacher nominations,  wake up calls and quizzes.

“The competition factor is huge,” said VanHaerents. “The kids want to show everyone they’re the best.”

There is a life-sized leader board hanging in the lunch area, and the students make a point to check it daily. Every single move on the leader board is scrutinized by the students.

Students and staff will often stop by the office to ask “what happened? Why did we slip to third place and how can we get back to first?”

While winning is great, the attendance challenge is about motivating students to take control of their education and show up everyday for class. From the way they are performing in the challenge, the students of East Detroit have taken that message to heart. Keep up the good work East Detroit!