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VIDEO: You’re Invited to our Fall Campaign Kick Off

Valerie West
Digital Engagement Specialist
United Way for Southeastern Michigan

When it comes to making videos, I’m no Scorsese – let alone a Joel or Ethan Coen (can you tell I have some favorites?) But, when the boss lady (Ursula Adams) said, “Let’s make a video to let people know they can attend our campaign kick off” I was down. Then she told me that we would need a kitchen lighter and I inwardly began to reconsider.

We needed a lighter why?

Answer: Because we were going to light the United Way Torch – you know, that ginormous structure on Woodward and Jefferson Avenues that you probably passed a zillion times without noticing.

Of course, we weren’t literally lighting it – that takes some serious machinery and pyrotechnic know-how. Instead, we were going to use forced perspective to make it appear as if we were lighting the torch. And so, as twilight settled on downtown Detroit, we took our Flip Cam and janky tripod to Hart Plaza to “light” the torch.

What is that saying about the “Best laid plans…?” Let’s just say the shoot didn’t go so hot. Nonetheless, we had a blast filming and we decided to share our blooper reel with you because neither one of us seems to have much shame.

Watch Re-igniting the Flame here.

Once you’re finished watching my iMovie magic, you should mark off this Friday, Sept. 14 at 7 a.m. on your calendar to actually watch the torch being lit in Hart Plaza for reals. This fall’s campaign is “pretty spectacular” as Ursula is fond of saying.

Our slogan “Making Greater Detroit Greater,” is aiming to nix the negative headlines while working with the community and partners to truly make Detroit a top place to live and work. If you’ve been a faithful blog reader, you already know that our work in Education, Financial Stability and Basic Needs has already had some pretty stellar results.

At the torch lighting celebration, you can learn even more about what we do, and how you can be a part of it. You can also be the first to hear more about our new headline contest (the winner will have his or her headline displayed on a regional billboard).

You can RSVP here. And, don’t forget to come and say howdy to me if you’re downtown!